Performance Car Floor Liners

Husky performance car liners A lot of drivers who own race cars or mudded vehicles opt for performance car liners instead of keeping their OEM mats. This is a wise choice, especially if you are going to make changes to the layout of your car’s interior. Custom liners provide a confident brand of security and cover more ground than regular car mats. They last longer, too. Husky car liners remain popular choices because they protect well against spills and stains but are stay nice and thin so your pedal foot stays comfortable.

People used to think that if you race or display your vehicle at car shows you shouldn’t have interior liners. You can imagine why. Years ago, these performance car mats were cumbersome and unattractive. But times have changed, technology has improved, and drivers have kind of figured out that they can have sport an aggressive, motorsports interior while still protecting the floors a little bit.  And simply put, there aren’t a lot of performance car liners out there that fit the way Husky’s products do. That’s because they are designed to reach other areas of the interior like the doorsills and over the center hump. Regions of the floor in years past that were left bare now have the ability to be customized according to the color or shade of your choice.

There are plenty of options available for racing-inspired models. If you own a Civic, TL, Camaro, RSX, or Mustang, you’re good to go. But it is very important that when you’re searching around you take into consideration your driving style and the level of activity your interior is exposed to. For instance, if you have a lot of guests in your vehicle or you live in a tumultuous climate, you probably want extra protection to keep your interior clean. On the other hand, if you mostly use your car just to race or show off, some slim yet durable security should do the trick just fine. Husky car liners have the ability to do both.

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