Paddle Blade Fans Bring Cooler Performance

SPAL paddle blade fans are unique in the way that they deliver the air to cool the application. Paddle blades are used in the smaller SPAL cooling fans because they can create much more air flow in a smaller area than straight blades or curved blades. SPAL fans are built to deliver the most air flow for each application no matter what size they are. Bigger fans are geared towards high performance engines, while smaller cooling fans are perfect to use as oil coolers and intercooler fans.

SPAL cooling fans draw minimal power as well and can operate at their peak under normal conditions. They only draw a couple of amps and weigh just over 1 pound, which is nice for those looking for reduced weight. Adding weight to the front end of a high performance vehicle will only slow it down. These lightweight cooling fans could also increase your gas mileage.

The low profile paddle blade fans can also be mounted literally anywhere. SPAL fans come in very small sizes to accommodate tight area in which space is a concern. Not every engine bay is wide open like they were back in the 60s and 70s. Automotive engines are much more compact with all of the electronics and computers involved.SPAL medium profile fans and SPAL low profile fans are your best choice for accommodating small areas.

High performance paddle fans typically do not include a sealed motor and should only be used on the race track or drag strip. All other cooling fans for everyday vehicles come with a sealed motor to prevent water and dirt from damaging it.

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