Only Trust Authorized Husky Liners Resellers

Only trust authorized Husky vendors

The only way to ensure that you are getting an authentic set of Husky Liners is to buy from an authorized reseller. There are many authorized Husky dealers that offer everything that the company sells, and these vendors aren’t usually difficult to spot. There is also a surefire way to tell: Husky Liners come with a lifetime warranty and the only way to apply that to your mats is if you purchased from an authorized dealer.

If you do happen to buy knock-off liners, there will be no guaranteed warranty and also no guarantee that the product will last forever. Authentic Husky Liners floor mats are designed to last throughout the life of your vehicle. If something were to happen to your floor mats, they will ask for the receipt so they know you bought them from an authorized reseller. The same thing goes for any other automotive part that comes with a warranty.

Making sure you buy from an authorized reseller also ensures the best fitment. Knock-off or replica floor mats that look very similar will not fit as well as Husky Liners do. Every mat from Husky is vehicle-specific and laser cut from pre-set measurements to ensure that they fit perfect.

The aftermarket industry is flooded with all types of floor protection products. Do not be fooled by these companies who claim they have the goods to protect your carpets better than any other. Husky floor mats have been proven time and time again to protect your carpets the best and also come with a lifetime warranty. See the difference here? All you need to do is buy their floor liners from a legitimate vendor like UltraRev and your warranty will be worth its weight in gold.

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