Not Your Ordinary Brake Discs

Superb conditioning highlights why Centric cryo rotors are among the finest in the industry. The lynchpin to any braking system is the discs. Their performance is directly linked to the effectiveness of the calipers and pads. Centric cryo rotors are intended to replace OEM discs with high-tech manufacturing. Only the most durable materials are employed to add on to the intention of the design. Increased toughness also means a surface that is less likely to succumb to wear from heat. On any vehicle Centric cryo rotors provide a smoother overall braking unit as well as a longer life span.

There is a main ingredient that separates this product from others in its class – the manufacturing process. These are cryo-treated brake rotors. Centric uses their own cryogenic machine along with a proprietary formula that involves extreme temperatures. Over the course of a 24 hour period, cryo-treated brake rotors endure -300 degree cold before slowly being exposed to heat. Eventually, that number is increased to 300 degrees before being brought back down to room temp. This process helps cryo-treated brake rotors persevere through intense driving situations without sacrificing functionality.

The weight of the material plays a large responsibility, as well. All cryo-treated brake rotors are made of iron, which is for endurance. When comprised of medium alloys, discs have a tendency to warp due to constant heat exposure. Iron brake discs handle heat effectively. But it is also a substance that is very dense. With the pressure being distributed from the slave cylinders in the calipers, premature thinning of an OEM replacement rotor can be catastrophic. Centric tested their method to specifically guard against narrowing.

Iron, in conjunction with mill control, also adds life to the part. Centric brake discs are milled for a low tolerance (less than 2.oz per in.). When you combine mill machining with a cryogenic formula you have two additional steps meant for longevity. That is why Centric brake discs are used for many emergency vehicles. Over long distances and at high speeds they are able to stand up longer. Many of today’s law enforcement agencies use premium cryo rotors for that reason.

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