New Koni Shocks Stand for Stable Driving You Can Count On

Quality suspension components are a must for everyday driving. The suspension sees a lot of up and downs on the road and takes daily abuse. Koni shocks deliver extreme comfort and reliability for any type of automotive suspension setup. Koni shocks offer various types of dampers to accommodate both street driving and high performance driving on the race track.

Automotive shocks absorbers are necessary on any suspension to control ride stability. Without a shock absorber, the coil spring would bounce up and down uncontrollably. Driving without shocks wouldn’t be so fun. The vehicle would be uncontrollable and super bouncy. The top of the shock absorber is mounted to the frame and the bottom is mounted to the axle near the wheel. Shock absorbers not only prevent bounce, but they prevent sway, brake dive, and acceleration squat as well. Brake dive occurs when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop and the front end dives. Acceleration squat is when the rear of the vehicle drops from hard acceleration.

Performance shocks will provide any vehicle with a more comfortable ride. Koni shocks are some of the best suspension components on the market. They have various products to accommodate all types of driving like racing, off-road, performance, and street driving. Koni shocks STR.T sport dampers are at the bottom of their suspension lineup. Koni STR.T sport dampers are performance shocks designed to work with any factory suspension. Koni STR.T performs like factory, but are much more durable and often more comfortable. Koni sports shocks are an upgrade from the STR.T. The Koni sport shocks are designed for drivers interested in a more sports suspension feel. Koni sports shocks are also adjustable to accommodate to the driver’s liking. Koni shocks prevent body roll and provide more responsive steering. Koni sports shock absorbers are intended for use with aftermarket lowering springs to give an aggressive feel and look.

For both handling and comfort, the Koni FSD is available. For some automotive suspension companies, handling is sacrificed for comfort, or comfort is sacrificed for handling. The Koni FSD has combined both qualities to improve their lineup of suspension components. This unique technology is exclusive to Koni shocks. Koni FSD createsmaximum driving pleasure for any vehicle. With bigger wheels, low profile tires are needed. This can sometimes make the drive unbearable and rough. Koni FSD will counteract the harsh ride and provide comfort.

For classics and hot rods, Koni shocks have suspension components for them as well. Koni classic shock absorbers are available for use on older vehicles from the 50s and 60s. Koni shocks have combined their modern technology to replace rusted and rough shock absorbers on classic vehicles. Like their other shocks, Koni classics are adjustable and available for nearly any classic or street rod vehicle. Koni classics will tighten up the suspension and reduce body roll from bigger vehicles.

High performance racing vehicles need strong and durable shock absorbers. Koni shocks have several lines of racing dampers. The Koni 2612 series is a racing damper provides a compact design, with reduced weight and enhanced friction. The Koni 2612 are easily adjustable when on the vehicle as well. Koni 2812 MKII, Koni 2812 series, Koni 2822 series, Koni 2816 series, Koni 8211 series, Koni 2817 series, and the Koni 3011 series are more racing dampers that Koni shocks have available. Each racing shock absorber provides a unique quality compared to the rest. All racing vehicles need extreme fine-tuned suspensions and Koni shocks provide all their needs.

Koni Shocks

For sport compact cars and domestic vehicles looking for a full suspension setup,Koni shocks produces their own coilover kits. They combine their widely recognized Koni shock absorber, with a quality spring to provide height adjustability and performance. Three coilover kits are offered including Koni STR.T kit, Koni sport kit and Koni coilover kit. Koni STR.T coilover kit uses their STR.T shock absorber with a custom spring to provide increased performance and handling. The Koni sport kit creates a sportier feel for the driver with ride-height adjustability. Koni sport kit can accommodate for higher speeds while keeping the vehicle’s suspension in check. For extreme performance, the Koni coilover kit is the number one option. This is perfect for high performance racing on and off the track. The Koni coilover kit will adapt to any surface.

Off-road vehicles can benefit from Koni shocks as well. A quality suspension setup is needed when tackling the rough trails and wooded terrain.Koni shocks have two dampers available. Koni heavy track dampers are very versatile and are great for off-road driving. Performance and comfort are kept in mind with this Koni shock absorber. Koni raid shock absorbers are designed for extreme off-road performance in which the driver isn’t looking for a sophisticated damper. The Koni raid is simply designed to make it through the rough terrain with no problems. Constructed of highly durable materials, these Koni shocks can get the job done.

Nearly all of Koni shocks are fully adjustable to provide the user with any type of comfort he or she is looking for. They can be adjusted to ride softer than factory or to ride very firm for extreme performance. Koni shocks are the answer to both comfort and performance driving.

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