Neo Ti Intakes Offer Titanium Look and Feel Without the Hefty Price

Real titanium is very expensive and not many tuners would want to shell out the money. Weapon R has designed this cold air intake system to look exactly like titanium but without that price tag. The Weapon R Neo Ti intake combines the titanium look with quality performance so it will look incredible inside your engine bay and add some power to your engine. This performance auto part is one of many from Weapon R that stands out on any vehicle.

Auto parts with a titanium finish are what tuners really like since it adds very unique styling to their vehicle. Weapon R has designed the surface of this product to imitate actual titanium which gives it a very expensive look. However, the price tag is nowhere near the cost of titanium and is actually very affordable. This Weapon R item also adds a significant amount of horsepower to your vehicle depending on the application.

This product from Weapon R is also designed to deliver more than three times the amount of air than a normal air intake system. When the engine receives this much air, it can breathe better and be more efficient, which relates to more power. The Weapon R neo Ti intake includes a quality air filter that keeps dirt and debris from entering the engine.

Each one of these from Weapon R is different from the next since they are application specific and made to fit your exact engine. There is no modifications necessary and all hardware needed to install the item is supplied. Weapon R designs them to last a very long time and provide your engine with high performance.

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