N1 Coilovers Come in Aluminum or Steel for Custom Feel

Each set of TEIN adjustable coilovers has a specific type of driving that they are intended for. TEIN Type N1 coilovers are specific to circuit racing since they have been designed to provide maximum grip due to how they are stroked and valved. The full-length height and pre-load adjustments make these TEIN coilovers perform better than comparable ones and users can also upgrade to racing springs which will stiffen up the car even more.

Users have the ability to choose either aluminum or steel mono tube damper which will cater to what they prefer on the race track. The steel TEIN coilovers are heavier than the aluminum design, but it also comes with added strength which may play a role. Race coilovers would not make a good setup for daily driving since they would not be used to their advantage when something like the TEIN basics would work. Just because these race coilovers are more expensive doesn’t always mean they will work better, rather they are designated for a certain type of driving.

The compression and rebound can be separately adjusted on these TEIN race coilovers which makes them unlike any other. Most coilovers only have either height and damper adjustments. With the Type N1 coilovers, the user is able to adjust much more in order to tune the car’s suspension to their exact liking. They also come with a bump rubber to avoid any noise issues that may occur from the coils touching each other on extremely uneven surfaces or tight turns. This setup from TEIN will provide you with many years of circuit racing and keep that green color from the corrosion resistant surface.

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