Myth: Spark Plug Wires Jumpstart More Horsepower

Some companies claim that their spark plug cables actually increase engine horsepower which is not true by any means. Spark plug wires will not increase horsepower since all they are doing is allowing a more powerful spark to travel to your spark plugs. When the spark plugs receive a stronger spark, all this is doing is igniting the air and fuel better than it did before. Magnecor ignition cables are designed to handle extra spark from an aftermarket ignition system or just as OEM replacement cables.

If you happen to get an increase in power, the only reason that is happening is because your old ignition cables were damaged, cut, or simply worn out. Upgrading to aftermarket spark plug cables will do a better job than your damaged ones and improve engine efficiency, but you are not going to gain actual horsepower or torque on the dyno machine. Changing your spark plug ignition cables is like changing an air filter – your engine will benefit from a clean filter just like it would benefit from clean and undamaged cables.

The great thing about Magnecor wires is you know the product you are getting and they do not claim anything that is not true. Their only claim is that their Magnecor race wires can transport a better spark than your current OEM ignition cables and last much longer as well. Magnecor ignition cables are available in several different styles that give your engine better performance. A boost in gas mileage might be seen since the engine is running more efficiently than before.

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