More (Yes, More) Info You Need About K&N Filters

Servicing K&N filters is just as easy as installing them. Their air filter needs some quality care in order to keep the engine running efficiently. Things like cleaning it, oiling it and inspecting it for any cuts or holes should be done. The air filter isn’t bulletproof and can sometimes have a defect. The K&N million mile warranty backs this up and will replace it. The more driving that is done the more harmful contaminants that will build up on the air filter.

After cleaning the air filter, it should be re-oiled using the K&N filters recharge kit. This kit has the proper oil that is needed for their specific air filter. It can be washed and reused as many times as needed. It will not have a negative effect on its performance and ability to provide increased air flow. The air filter should not be over-oiled. If this were to occur, it will decrease air flow and oil can find its way into the intake system. The oil can coat electronic sensors which will hinder performance. The filters needs at little as one ounce of oil to work properly again.

Servicing the air filter can be done at 100 miles of extreme desert racing to 50,000 miles of street driving. It all depends on what type of driving is done and how often. The best way to determine this is with an air filterrestriction gauge. This gauge is set at a pre-determined rate in which tells the user if it needs to be cleaned or not. If K&N filters are cleaned too much, it will shorten their serviceable life expectancy. If they are not cleaned enough, the air filter will distort and allow dirty air to flow through.

When reinstalling K&N filters, make sure all gaskets, seams and clamps are intact and not deteriorated. If the air filter has damage to it, do not install it. This will be very harmful for the engine and can severely damage it. Making sure the part fits inside the air box properly is also a concern. Over time, the plastic can deform and become out of shape. Clean out any dust or debris inside the air box to avoid clogging the air filter. Auto parts are not bulletproof so we need to make sure to double check certain things.

Paper air filters need to be thrown away when they become too dirty. Air flow cannot travel through and they cannot be washed. Nearly every vehicle comes with a paper air filter. Paper is more restrictive than K&N filters because of how tightly compressed the paper is. High pressure will eventually pull harmful materials through the paper medium and into the intake manifold.

Using this product is a one-time cost. If you drove your vehicle for 100,000 miles, you would have gone through 15 filters. Paper filters need to be changed every 10,000 miles. With K&N filters, all you need is the recharge kit and you are good to go. This also makes it less harmful on the environment for those who are eco-friendly.

It will also not void any manufactures warranty. Some aftermarket performance parts are said to void warranties. This is not true of the K&N filter. If a mechanical problem were to occur, the manufacture would have to diagnose the problem and relate it to the K&N filter. This has never happened and it will never happen. The replacement air filter is designed just like the stock one, but with better filtration. Auto parts that help with engine efficiency will never void a warranty. All K&N auto parts are 100% certified.

The air filter is a major component for off-road vehicles. If this product didn’t need to be used, these types of enthusiasts wouldn’t use them. But the fact is that K&N filters are a must. There are very minimal restrictions when using their products. The added air flow gained from not using a filter wouldn’t be worth it. The engine would eventually die and will cost thousands to rebuild.

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