Metallic EBC Brake Pads Bring the Quality You Want

Metallic brake pads are more affordable than ceramic brake pads and also have some other advantages as well. EBC metallic brake pads are the number one product used on most vehicles. They are very versatile and offer optimum braking in all types of driving. EBC Ultimax pads are OEM replacement brake pads that will outperform your original pads and last longer as well. Metallic brake pads are made from iron, copper, steel and graphite combined together.

The main reason why these are so popular is they are cost effective. Ultimax brake pads are extremely durable and transfer heat away from the rotors. They are perfect for highway driving or city driving, but have no place for the race track.

The downsides to using these EBC brake pads is they produce more noise than ceramic brake pads, generate more dust and put more wear on the rotors. But, what makes these brake pads so durable is how hard they are. They are not soft like the organic compounds and can handle heavier vehicles as well.

EBC Ultimax brake pads are at their best when they are warm. The driver may notice that stopping may take slightly longer on colder days before the pads become warm. This is normal and often occurs on most vehicles.

For most drivers, the positives outweigh the negatives. There is no brake pad that is the best, as all of them are subjective to the driver and what they prefer. EBC brakes, however, offer the widest range of brake components that any driver would be happy with.

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