Make Paint Protection a Priority

Husky paint film goes on nice and easy

There are many things that can harm your vehicle’s paint like rocks, road debris, the sun and inclement weather. The best way to prevent certain parts of your vehicle from this is using Husky Liners paint protection. Their automotive paint protection is designed for both cars and trucks and prevents daily road debris that affects the paint. Installation is a breeze since the product is specifically cut for each application.

The paint protection film is designed for the front areas of your car like the hood, bumper, fenders and doors to protect these areas from rocks and road debris. The film is invisible and cannot be seen when it is on the car. The sun also has no chance of fading the film and it will never turn yellow. Often time you will see cheaper films fade and yellow from direct sunlight. Husky Liners paint protection film also does not crack or shrink and it remains the same throughout the life it is on your vehicle.

The film also makes washing your car much easier since bugs and rocks do not embed themselves into it. Without using the Husky Liners film, you would have to scrub and scrub to get rid of the bugs that scatter your front bumper. Now that you have the paint protection, you can easily wipe them off without the paint being affected. Your paint is also able to age under the film like it normally would.

Using the Husky Liners protection is much better than using a bug deflector because it does not hinder the appearance. Some bug deflectors are very unappealing and bulky, not to mention they can fly off at high speeds. The underside of the Husky Liners paint protection is strong enough to adhere to the paint but it will not damage the paint when it needs to be removed and it does not affect the appearance at all since it is invisible.

Installing Husky paint protection is a one-time deal in which your vehicle will benefit over a long period of time. The front of your vehicle will remain free of damage from road debris and keep it looking new.

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