Make Interior Storage Easy with a Gearbox You Can Trust

The Husky gearbox clears space while providing a convenient treasure chest

Storing items does not have to be difficult. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy with a Husky Liners gearbox. This interior storage unit has a unique design that allows it to be placed under the seats to maximize space. In other words, more room to fit more stuff! Crafted from extremely durable material, there is no chance of it breaking or cracking from heavy equipment. The unit makes keeping loose items like jumper cables, hand tools and car care supplies simple so you never have to leave anything behind.

Going with a gearbox allows you to remove everything from the floor and store it so items don’t roll around causing a disturbance while you’re behind the wheel. Instead, you have a nice, safe place to keep your belongings. Most of us just throw things all over the inside of the car and then wonder why we can’t find anything. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about where that extra quart of motor oil or that air compressor is? The point is, if you have something in your vehicle you know is there to store your stuff, not only will you use it but after a while, probably not be able to function without it.

Nice an inconspicuous: The Husky gearbox fits under the rear seat in many vehicles and is completely hidden. It isn’t as if there is some hunky, clunky box just taking up room in the back. Plus, you have easy access. Just slide it out when you want to throw something in there or remove a part you need, and then slide it right back when you’re finished. It doesn’t get too much easier than that. It’s also not going to be responsible for a lot of racket. The materials Husky went with reduce noise so you will not hear any thumping or loud noises while driving.

So here’s what you do – perform a search on UltraRev and look around for your model. The Husky gearbox is made for most trucks and delivers a perfect fit when installed. It also blends in with the rest of your interior to match the OEM ambience. Oh and real quick – since it’s a Husky product, you also get a Lifetime Warranty. All the bases are covered so next time you’re about to hop in the cab and notice you have a bunch of riff-raff laying around, remember: a cleaner, more convenient truck cabin is just a click away!

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