Magnecor Has Custom Wiring Setups Worth Looking At

Upgrading your vehicle’s ignition system will call for new spark plug wires since the factory ones will not be able to handle the extra current. Magnecor custom wires are custom spark plug wires that are made to the specifications of your engine. Magnecor wires takes the hassle of making your own ignition wires which can cause many problems if they are not done right. Also, if Magnecor wires are not available for your engine, they can customize a set specifically for that vehicle.

Creating your own custom ignition wires is very tricky, and often times the terminals are not crimped properly which causes engine problems. Magnecor ignition wires are customized exactly how their universal spark plug wires are designed. The ends have the proper crimps and your engine can experience the benefits.

They are also very affordable and more cost-effective than any race wires on the market. When you are trying to make your own set of racing wires, it becomes expensive with all the tools that are needed to create custom wires. You need all sorts of loose cables, parts and tools to make the wires and can spend hundreds of dollars when it is all said and done.

Whether you need OEM replacement ignition wires or high performance race wires, Magnecor can make this happen. They will deliver the spark much better than your current ignition system wires and last longer too. You will not have to worry about the terminals coming off and inhibiting your engine’s performance.

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