Magnaflow Is Still a Force to Be Reckoned With

Choosing the right performance exhaust can sometimes be trial and error. With so many automotive exhausts on the market today, each and every one is crafted differently with a different sound. Magnaflow exhaust has been the leading exhaust manufacturer in the industry for many years. Their exhausts are offered in many different styles and applications. MagnaFlow exhaust offers mufflers, exhaust tips, catalytic converters and racing parts. MagnaFlow only manufactures parts that improve performance.

The vehicle’s exhaust is what helps the engine dispose of fumes. Performance exhaust systems are a great way of adding horsepower and sound to any automobile. Magnaflow exhaust offers cat-back exhausts that are available for nearly any vehicle. The company has been around over 30 years and has taken exhaust technology to a whole new level. Each and every MagnaFlow automotive exhaust is constructed of stainless steel with mandrel bends throughout. Mandrel bends create for smoother and better looking exhaust pipes. This will also allow for fewer air restrictions. MagnaFlow also offers a lifetime warranty. Other performance exhaust competitors lack the design and support that this company provides. MagnaFlow is also supported by big name race car enthusiasts like Chip Foose and Mario Andretti. With these two legends standing behind a product, the consumer is able to buy with confidence.

Performance exhaust components like mufflers and catalytic converters play a big role in producing more horsepower for the vehicle. MagnaFlow automotive exhausts has nearly any exhaust part needed. Magnaflow exhaust mufflers are a great performance enhancement for anyone. The car’s factory muffler is usually ugly and very restrictive. The mufflers are designed using 100 percent stainless steel with some of the best welds in the industry. MagnaFlow automotive mufflers provide a deep rumble when installed and sound great.

Other exhaust components like the catalytic converter can be a healthy performance upgrade for the vehicle. Magnaflow exhaust manufactures many different types of this exhaust component. Swapping out the factory catalytic converter for a MagnaFlow exhaust product will yield horsepower gains and better fuel efficiency. This is the best of both worlds. There are options available for most vehicles and also can be had in CARB certified for those living in California!

Performance cat-back exhausts are what most people are after these days. MagnaFlow exhaust has some of the best cat-back exhaust systems on the market today. The automotive aftermarket exhaust industry is full of large and small manufacturers. MagnaFlow automotive exhausts have proven themselves and their exhaust systems can be found on professional racing vehicles. All of their exhaust systems are made using stainless steel for zero corrosion. Their products withstand any temperature and any contaminants that may occur. Performance gains from MagnaFlow’s exhaust systems can be anywhere from 5 to 20 horsepower depending on the vehicle. Allowing the engine to breathe easier is what MagnaFlow’s cat-back exhausts systems do. Diesel exhaust systems are also available through MagnaFlow. These exhaust pipes are designed to operate on diesel engines and provide the extra torque needed.

When building an engine, pipes and tubing can sometimes be a hassle to find. An aluminum pipe bender is the only way to fabricate your own pipes. MagnaFlow exhaust has custom race pipes available for any application. Any type of custom exhaust component can be found at MagnaFlow. They have everything from exhaust hangars to universal tail pipes. Chip Foose has also teamed up with MagnaFlow automotive exhausts to provide custom race exhaust kits for hot rods or anything similar. The customer can choose options from pipe size to pipe length. MagnaFlow exhaust has all your custom exhaust needs.

Quality automotive parts are essential when upgrading performance. MagnaFlow exhaust systems outperform all other exhausts on the market today. Their latest technology and flawless designs are unmatched. Most exhausts on the market will corrode over time and rust. MagnaFlow has designed their components out of stainless steel that does not corrode and will last a lifetime. Cracks and leaks in an automotive exhaust system’s welds can be problematic for the car as well. Emissions will be increased and fuel economy will be down. When using a MagnaFlow exhaust, you can be sure this will not occur.

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