Lund Uses Special Vinyl for Their Floor Liners

The difference catch-it floor liners make inside of your vehicle is noticeable in more ways than one. Their shape contours to the surface of your car’s carpet in a smooth, non-invasive manner. Your feet will not get caught up in bumpy, distracting rubber. Instead, catch-it floor liners demonstrate an accurate fit designed to keep your interior clean and your feet comfortable.

Because Lund specializes in products meant for larger vehicles, most drivers purchase them for trucks and SUVs. A part of that is due to the toughness catch-it floor liners provide. Made of Vymar vinyl, their texture is rigid with just enough pliability to deliver a precise fit over unique angles in certain sections of the floor. This specific vinyl that Lund catch-it liners are comprised of is known for its durability. It will not rip, tear, or crack, even during cases of extreme cold.

Moreover, Lund catch-it liners boast a weatherproof, non-stick surface. Should you track mud or slush inside your truck, the vinyl is easy to rinse off for a quick clean. The same goes for spills. Virtually any substance, including harmful chemicals, will not damage Lund catch-it liners. In the event of a soda or ice cream spilling, simply wash the car mats off and they will be as good as new.

Lund catch-it liners feature “drip channels” located in the center. When any type of liquid reaches this area it is held in place. This protects from substances running off of the mat and on the carpet. Likewise, the raised edges located around the perimeter of the catch-it floor mats are responsible for confining spills and debris before they reach the center. It is a design meant to protect the OEM carpet as well as the soles of your shoes.

You can find catch-it floor mats in a variety of shades. They are available in grey, black, and tan. You can choose based on the existing color scheme of your truck’s interior or you can go with a different color for a stylish contrast. Another item to consider is that catch-it floor mats are not a universal product. Lund manufactures them for trucks and SUVs based on model years. Purchasing auto floor liners not intended for you vehicle can lead to improper fit and damage.

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