Lund Splash Guards Do More Than Repel Puddles and Debris

The main reason Lund splash guards offer protection is due to location. Installed at the rear wheels of a truck, they keep mud, dirt, and rocks from doing potential damage to the tires. But Lund splash guards also protect other areas of the exterior. The doors and quarter panels can be just as vulnerable. All it takes is a couple of small rocks to make a dent or leave a scratch and before you know it, rust can appear. Lund splash guards represent an extra step in security. They are also attractive. Unlike generic aftermarket mud flaps, these sport a diamond treaded design at the perimeter of each piece for a rugged, custom look.

In the past, this was seen as an addition only vehicles that travel on rough terrain would have. But nowadays, even trucks that stick mainly to city streets are given aftermarket mud flaps. Part of that is because of weather. When there is a downpour and there are puddles forming along the sides of the road, a set of aftermarket mud flaps fortify the rear of the vehicle. They also help with ice and snow. On a wintry day, aftermarket mud flaps can stop slush from building up on the treads of the tires and wheel wells. The more you protect your tires, the longer they will last, even in bad weather.

Lund truck mud flaps are molded from automotive rubber that is not only durable, but surface-resistant to moisture. During a storm, mud and dirt have a tendency to accumulate on drier surfaces. This usually leads to too much buildup, requiring extra maintenance. It is not an issue with Lund truck mud flaps. Following a storm, all you will have to do is simply rinse them off to keep them clean.

This is a product available for most trucks on the road. Lund truck mud flaps are manufactured for the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-F150, Dodge Ram, and the GMC Sierra. Search for your truck’s availability via year, make, and model. Installation involves mounting the tire mud guards using the included brackets. Light drilling may be required, depending on model. Once in place, the molded mud flaps are a direct fit.

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