Lund Catch-All Cargo Liners Offer Preventative Maintenance

Throwing a Lund catch-all cargo liner in the back of your SUV is a way of instantly stepping up the level of protection. In the back of any vehicle is where a lot of the action happens. Especially when that truck or SUV is transporting both passengers and storage. Spills, scuffs, scratches, and scrapes are all common occurrences. The goal of catch-all cargo liners is to shield the OEM flooring and surrounding area with stout defense. Just a little bit of damage can go a long way. And there are some stains that are too difficult to get out. Catch-all cargo liners offer a combination of comfort and caution every driver appreciates.

Let’s start with the main aspect, which is the material. Lund rear cargo mats are engineered from Xynet thermoplastic, a substance that presents several characteristics ideal for interior protection. For instance, spills are often a big issue. Whether a can of soda or a bottle of washer fluid leaks out onto the Lund rear cargo mat, there is no cause for concern. The thermoplastic compound offers a moisture-resistant surface. No liquids can absorb into the material. That means if a spill occurs on the Lund rear cargo mat, you will not have to worry about the factory carpeting becoming damaged.

This also comes in handy for rain, snow, slush, and mud, as well. Slush and mud in particular, can be heavy. Catch-all rear floor mats do not have cheap fibers that can be penetrated and ruined. Once any kind of dirt and/or moisture reaches the surface area it stays there. The best part is, if the catch-all rear floor mat gets dirty, you can hose it off in no time.

Another advantage is the perimeter. The edges of the Lund rear cargo mat are raised. This is yet another way that spilled liquids are neutralized. The raised lips act as a containment field. Should a spill happen on the catch-all rear mat while the vehicle is in motion, it will not run off.

It is not a “one size fits all” product. Lund cargo floor liners are manufactured for specific vehicles via model year. Several colors are available. You can attempt to match the shade of your interior or choose a contrasting style. Cargo floor mats come in black, tan, and grey.

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