Look for Invidia WRX Exhaust Parts To Unlock Hidden Performance

Subaru Impreza owners use Invidia racing exhausts to improve over the factory system. That is because although the WRX is a high performing model, most drivers find the OEM system too restrictive to hit the next level. To inject a full competitive feel for the car, racers and custom hobbyists alike make putting in an Invidia racing exhaust a priority. It is the quickest way to loosen up airflow to reveal extra horsepower and torque your engine is capable of.

Invidia racing exhaust configurations can be complete factory overhauls or simply the addition of a pipe. It depends on what your goal is. Invidia makes Subaru performance tuning parts that cover a lot of needs. There arecatback exhausts which replace the OEM pipes and mufflers with stainless steel pipes that have a wider diameter. The diameter of the pipe plays a direct role in eliminating airflow restriction, which is why width is more prevalent in aftermarket exhausts. Invidia WRX STI exhaust parts are designed for optimal airflow racers need on the track. It is about efficiency as much as performance. The more easily exhaust is escorted out, the more the engine can produce results. Plus, this is how your car achieves that deepened, throaty custom sound.

Invidia has many other Subaru performance tuning parts available aside from full systems. There are also test pipes, down pipes, X pipes, front pipes, and over pipes for a variety of applications. Many of these Invidia WRX STI exhaust parts replace your car’s catalytic converter, which makes them intended for racetracks and close courses. And similar to the catback units, all Invidia racing exhaust pipes are made from 304-grade stainless steel and mandrel-bent for a wider diameter. They are mostly bolt-on installations that connect to your stock exhaust unit and/or pipes with no modifications necessary.

UltraRev offers Invidia WRX STI exhaust parts that fit every model year. And because Invidia does an expert job in measuring and manufacturing all of their Subaru performance tuning parts, there are never any issues in fitment. The pipes also sport thick flanges (up to 1/2″) to protect against leaks while fitting perfectly. Invidia is a very popular brand with racers and tuners due to the high quality of their parts and the affordable price range. Click on the “Shop Now” button to learn more today.

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