Longer Pitman Arms Restore Order

Tuff Country Pitman Arm

Bolting in a Tuff Country pitman arm will help you take back control of your truck’s steering. Forged from sturdy steel and sized for an OEM fit, this is a simple way to regain stability. Tuff Country pitman arms feature a drop angle and the same shape as the factory part. There is no geometric mismatch when reconnecting to the steering linkage. Both the pin and bolt keep the stock diameter, resulting in a quick install. Tuff Country pitman arms are manufactured for most full-size Chevy, Dodge, and Ford truck models.

Raising ride height alters an automotive suspension. Steering components are left to compensate for the increased angling. A replacement pitman arm is designed for the added height to take away wobble. Lifted trucks are vulnerable to several symptoms. Since the height is raised, the steering linkage is compromised. It has to pull to make up for the new distance. Eventually, the steering control arm will give way to stress. This is when drivers notice problems. Without a replacement pitman arm, a lifted truck will understeer. Going over potholes or speed bumps will make the vehicle loose. Control can also be lost when making turns. This makes steering your truck very dangerous.

The job of a Tuff Country pitman arm is to boost up suspension height so that everything is balanced. This is especially critical for truck owners who went with 4-6 inches of extra lift. Because the OEM does not intend for that to occur, a Tuff Country arm can be used to split the difference in geometry. Safety is restored and the vehicle will move with pronounced smoothness.

The main differences between this part and the stock component are size and durability. Tuff Country‘s answer is lengthened and primed for more density. That is why it is able to return your truck’s steering back to an OEM feel. It is also tougher. Tuff Country arms are made of steel and much more substantial. The usage of steel is superior to the application of cast iron or aluminum. Once in place, it is more equipped to handle the added torsion the steering now commands. In addition, the steely finish is also intended for acclimation to the undercarriage. The added toughness is not only meant for longevity but to preserve surrounding steering hardware, as well.

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