Lock On a G Force II Boost Controller for the Pickup Your Ride Needs

With a G Force II boost controller, you have the power of complete customization. The desire to manipulate boosting points is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for years. Although methods of electronic boost control have become more sophisticated, they are not always simple to use. Go Fast Bits is determined to change all that. Piggybacking on the success of their earlier version, this edition takes individual preferences to a whole new level. There are more features than before on an updated interface that is both friendly to the eyes and convenient to handle. Of course, the G Force II boost controller also offers more power availability for both street drivers and competitive racers.

It all comes down to the wastegate. The part connects to the boost pressure source and the wastegate actuator. What it essentially does is tell the wastegate to remain shut for a longer period of time to build up boost. The GFB electronic boost controller ciphers off air that reduces the pressure in the hosing. That is how the actuator gets the message to stay closed. In turn, the controller makes the turbo crank out more boost. But there are safety measures at play. It is not always conducive for performance to keep boost levels rising. Because of this, the part has a special warning indicator to spare your engine of any potential damage.

What really sets this unit apart is the amount of options. You can choose up to 6 presets on the custom electronic boost controller that will determine when boosting rises. You can also switch to other G Force II presets at any time. There is also a “peak boost display.” This appears on the custom electronic boost controller to show you what the highest levels reached were during your trip.

In addition, the scramble feature has its own preset that accounts for peak and closed-loop function. This gives drivers the ability to heighten or lower the custom electronic boost controller simply by pressing a button. While it is an opportunity for higher performance, it is also a convenient safety feature. For aesthetic purposes, you also have some color to deal with! Go Fast Bits G Force II models allow you to select between 6 different color display options (red, green, purple, yellow, blue, and aquamarine).

Instructions are included with this part.

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