Lock On a 3″ Downpipe to Give Your WRX More Turbo Breathing Room

Installing a Perrin 3” downpipe is all about seeking results. It does not matter if you are looking to install this piece by itself or as part of a full Perrin turbo kit, increasing the amount of exhaust flow is a popular goal. It is what helps your car create more WHP and torque. It is also part of a complete racing profile. And that is what a Perrin 3” downpipe is designed for. Your car will open up restriction that has been hindering the exhaust system, allowing you to the hit the racetrack with more confidence than before. Perrin 3” downpipes are designed to complement a full high performance package.

There is an added feature that sets this pipe apart: the wastegate. This is an integrated part of the Perrin WRX downpipe that is responsible for exhaust distribution. Instead of the gases being push into the engine compartment, they are instead recycled back through the exhaust system. The Perrin WRX downpipe does not contribute to your engine bay getting bogged down by fumes.

The overall objective of releasing restriction is accomplished primarily through the removal of the stock catalytic converter. When you install a Perrin WRX downpipe, you are no longer using the OEM cats due to their restrictive responsibility. Because exhaust gases are forced through narrow diameter tubing it has trouble exiting. In addition, the catalytic converters initiate a detour. All of this restriction ceases with the installation of a Perrin WRX downpipe. The wider diameter tubing along with the lack of a factory cat helps exhaust gain a clearer, quicker way out of your system for an improvement in performance.

Each wastegate downpipe is made entirely of stainless steel. This is for extra strength and to ward off any effects from the heated environment. The T-304 stainless steel will not succumb to moisture or heat and most importantly, is corrosion-resistant. The flanges are machined via computer numeric control and given a 1/2” in thickness. Robust flanges help the wastegate downpipe stay in place and leak-free.

You will receive everything you need for a DIY installation. Wastegate downpipes come with steel hardware and instructions.

Note: This part is not legal for residential use in most jurisdictions. Consult your local emissions guidelines before purchasing this steel downpipe

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