Lightweight Flywheels Represent Yet Another SPEC Step Up

Aside from the notorious Spec clutch kit, the Spec flywheel is not too far behind. With both being huge players in the operation of the clutch and driveline, their performance flywheels are a great addition to any Spec clutch kit, whether it be high performance or a vehicle that had mild upgrades. Spec flywheels are made from both aircraft grade aluminum and high carbon billet steel.

If you need a lightweight flywheel for your high performance vehicle, than Spec is the way to go. Losing a few pounds off this component will allow it to spin faster which relates to added power; although it is not something you can test or see on a dyno tune. The power can be used elsewhere, rather than trying to spin a heavy flywheel.

Your performance flywheel is only as good as your clutch disc since they work together. A damaged engine flywheel will create a mushy pedal feel and not be able to transfer the power. Other symptoms will be a loss in power and the vehicle’s RPMs will be very low. Whether you need a steel flywheel or a lightweight flywheel, they will benefit your clutch and driveline much more than the OEM flywheel.

Adding this replacement flywheel will greatly enhance the performance of any driving style including on the street and on the track. Resurfacing the flywheel is not an option for high performance applications since it reduces the strength and can crack under high temperatures and pressure. Replacing it is also more cost-effective than a resurface since it will last longer.

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