Lighting the Path for Your Jeep’s Adventures

Installing an XRC light bar on your Jeep brings about several advantages. Improved brightness during nightly off-road jaunts, high quality construction, and of course, a rugged, custom look are the main reasons why Jeep owners love XRC light bars.

Driving off-road at night can be dangerous if your Jeep is not equipped with proper lighting. An XRC light barmounted to the top gives you all the illumination you need so you do not have to call it quits at dusk. You have the ability to use up to five 9″ diameter lights. However, if you would rather go with a more high-tech style, the Smittybilt Jeep light bar can host a 50″ LED light strip. Whichever you choose, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped with high quality off-road lights if you are going to drive at night on rough terrain.

Being that 4×4 roof lights are designed to go on a Jeep, Smittybilt uses top-quality material for construction. Smittybilt Jeep light bars are crafted from cold-rolled steel. This refers to the process where steel is rolled at close to room temperature so that the steel being shaped displays more durability. The Smittybilt Jeep light bar is crafted from 1.5″ tubing as a single adjustable unit.

The finish of 4×4 roof lights is almost as important as the steel the bar made of. While Jeep owners want their roof light bar to display extra toughness locked to the top, they also desire an attractive appearance to accompany it.¬†Smittybilt Jeep light bars are powder-coated matte black, which not only promotes a sleek look, but protects the surface of the light bar, as well. The matte black finish is part of Smittybilt’s own series and is used on their other off-road products in addition to Jeep fog light strips.

There is no significant assembly required when you receive your Smittybilt 4×4 roof light bar. Installation itself is intended to be an at home procedure you can accomplish on your own. There is no drilling or cutting, as Smittybilt off-road light strips bolt onto your Jeep with included hardware.

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