Lighter, Stronger H&R ID Race Springs Push Your Ride’s Limits

Upgrading the suspension on your high performance vehicle is crucial to its performance. H&R I.D. race springs are meant to be used at the race track or some other form of high speed racing. H&R makes them extremely strong and much different than your usual race springs. They come in several spring rates and heights to accommodate any high end vehicle. H&R products are designed for the most demanding forms or motorsports and will take your car to the next level.

H&R I.D. race springs are 15% lighter and have 10% more spring travel than most other aftermarket products. Spring travel is essential to how the vehicle performs in terms or cornering and becoming in-sync with the road surface. H&R designs them in 60mm and 2.5″ which allows them to fit a wide variety of applications.

Their products will never sag either since they are all tested at the factory before they leave. H&R makes sure that each component goes through a series of tests so they will last a long time without sagging from too much abuse. They are a direct replacement for your existing ones and it is also recommended to upgrade your shocks as well. Since H&R produces them for extreme conditions, your existing shocks will not be able to handle this type of abuse.

If you were to combine all products from H&R, your vehicle would be a track monster. Using the sway bars and wheel spacers along with these H&R racing components is the best way to ensure your car will handle all types of road conditions. Your car will see increased stability and overall better performance with anything from H&R.

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