Learning About Catless Front Pipes

If you are upgrading the exhaust system to unlock more performance, an Invidia catless front pipe is fast way to get more power. The objective of an Invidia catless front pipe is to remove your car’s catalytic converter in an attempt to clear out exhaust restriction that stymies horsepower. There is a holdup in the exhaust flow pattern because the catalytic converter works to turn harmful gases into safe gas before it gets distributed out through the exhaust. Taking out the cat in favor of an Invidia catless front pipe bypasses the conversion, allowing exhaust to flow freer, opening up your car’s level of performance.

The diameter of a catless front pipe from Invidia is 60mm wide. Extra width helps shuffle the exhaust gases through since there is more space to travel through. The car exhaust air isn’t being choked back as much. As for the amount of horsepower an Invidia front pipe provides, the answer is debatable. Some dyno tests suggest the jump is approximately 5-7 HP.

Each pipe is stainless steel and TIG welded. The TIG welds are evident when you look at the creases of the flanges. Since it is a steel front pipe, it is crucial that the welds promote the pipe’s durable nature and not crack due to heat or pressure.

This is not just a catless front pipe, as Invidia also includes a resonator. Having a catless resonator front pipe is important for more than one reason. Firstly, there is less of a throttle rattle that usually comes from aftermarketautomotive exhaust pipes because the catless resonator front pipe dampens the sound. Second, many times gutting the cat means saying hello to a raspy, screechy kind of exhaust tone that gets a little too much attention. With a catless resonator front pipe, the tone is not as loud or overbearing.

Removal of your OEM cat in favor of a catless front pipe is not legal in many states and municipalities. It is recommended to use this part only for sanctioned racing events or off-road driving. Invidia catless front pipes are not intended for street driving in jurisdictions where it isn’t allowed.

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