Learn What Rally Armor Can Do For Your Exterior

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There is a misconception that sport compacts don’t need the extra protection aftermarket mud flaps deliver. But for years, finding the right match was difficult. Too many “off” brands were clouding up the landscape, making high quality flaps tough to find unless you owned a truck. Fortunately, Rally Armor opened its doors in 2003, providing a superb line of products for this oft-neglected segment. Their array of sleek yet uncompromising mud flaps covers all of the more popular compacts on the road such as the Impreza WRX, Mitsubishi EVO, Ford Focus, and Mazda 3.

Almost two decades ago, the performance car scene was beginning to change. No longer were muscle cars, with their huge engines and swooping body styles, kings of the road. Instead, sporty compact cars were becoming the ride of choice for horsepower enthusiasts. Even though upgrades other areas was plentiful, there was not much in the way of exterior protection. Rally Armor mud flaps helped change that. Designed for smaller, lowered vehicles and standard sedans alike, drivers finally had more options. RA took over this segment of vehicles not just because the brand concentrated on lowered rides, but also because the level of defense their products offer is difficult to ignore.

The first thing drivers notice about Rally Armor mud flaps is their selection. There is not just one type to choose from. For instance, UR splash guards are considered the elite in the industry. Made of urethane, they are lightweight and flexible, delivering protection on all types of terrain, retaining pliability. Car owners looking for less flexibility and more stiffness usually prefer the Classic series. These are flaps comprised of plastic polymer. They are more rigid, but great for everyday drivers. Finally, there’s the basic series. Similar to the classics in material, they differ from the other two Rally Armor options in one key area: they are a universal fit for most vehicles.

One trait all personalized mud flaps have in common is that they come in sets of four. Most drivers interested in purchasing  prefer a set of four as opposed to two in the back. That is due to the heavy interest in performance driving. Also, mud flaps just seem to work better when the vehicle has a full set. They help keep dirt and sediment away from each quadrant, which means there is no residual buildup from the back wheels that can lead to the front and vice versa.

Installation differs depending on model. Each set of personalized mud flaps comes with step-by-step instructions.

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