Lay Down Cargo Mats for Extra Interior Relief

Cargo mats work great in your SUV and even your home

Very likely, you are aware of how well known Husky Liners are. You probably don’t need this blog to teach you how the name is synonymous with both exterior and interior automotive protection. But there is one specific product line people tend to forget about when it comes to Husky, and that is cargo flooring.

That block of space in the back of your SUV or hatchback needs to be protected. Items like luggage, tools, golf bags, and other heavy duty items get stamped down on a regular basis. We also like to transport our groceries in the cargo bay. But what happens when things get messy? What happens when there is inclement weather and you are still tasked with stacking items in the back? Because, hey, these problems aren’t listed in your vehicle’s manual. But they do have to be taken care of, and that is one facet of the game where Husky really shines.

The Husky cargo liner is perfect for protecting your valuables. It is also easily washable and does not even need to be removed to be cleaned. A wet rag or sponge can clean it in a few minutes. Fit is also nothing to stress about. Each cargo mat is made to specifically fit your vehicle. This characteristic makes them very user friendly and easy to install. Other cargo flooring options require cutting and still do not fit quite right. Husky Liners use the latest laser cutting technology that has measurements from thousands of vehicles to get a perfect fit each and every time. The liner also extends to all areas of either the trunk floor or cargo area of the specific vehicle and not one inch is uncovered.

Protect your investment by using a cargo liner. The factory carpet isn’t meant to handle loads of dirt and debris. It becomes very dirty and this often remains permanent. The strongest carpet cleaners will not remove dirt from the factory carpet. The cargo liner is an affordable piece that can get your more money when it’s time to trade in or sell your vehicle. A clean vehicle would speak for itself for any potential new owner. Husky Liners are relatively cheap in what they offer in terms of quality interior protection.

Who says it’s just for vehicles? There is no rule that says you must put the liner down in your SUV. In fact, they are helpful just sitting there in your garage. Greasy tools, pets, paint…whatever you have laying around in there doesn’t have to cause a problem. Just lay the mat down in your garage or basement for that extra touch of reinforcement you can feel good about.

The classic style liner combines classic style looks with the latest floor protection technology. The diamond plate tread pattern on the surface has a unique appearance that would look good in any vehicle. The pattern is designed to keep dirt and debris away from the surface to protect the items being stored. It also has high walls to prevent dirt from damaging the carpet. This cargo liner has a non-slip surface that keeps equipment in place while driving.

Husky knows you like the way your ride looks, so they pay a little attention to your decor, which is why practically any current design will match any automotive interior. It has specially designed grooves that trap dirt and debris allowing for a clean surface. Your dogs will appreciate this and keep clean as well. We are talking about serious, reliable year-round protection that will not curl or become brittle in the winter months.

Some vehicles do come with a factory liner, but it is made out of carpet, vinyl or plastic. These are inferior toHusky Liners because they don’t last as long and don’t fit as well. Although they are vehicle specific, the factory ones only cover so much area. They also slide around and bunch up while driving. Transporting heavy items would be thrown all around the trunk or cargo area and eventually become damaged.

Husky Liners are also perfect for those camping trips when the last thing you are worried about is dirt on the inside of your vehicle. Tents and grills are just some of the items needed for your camping trip and become full of dirt and other debris from the woods. Using the cargo liner will make your cleanup much easier when you get back home.

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