KYB Offers Automotive Shocks for Every Occasion

The base for any automotive is the suspension. The car or truck’s suspension takes daily abuse and controls handling and drivability. KYB shocks are the leading manufacturer for both automotive manufacturers and the aftermarket industry. They support all types of vehicles and include both import and domestic. KYB struts can be found in most vehicles today. Not only are they reliable, but the quality is impeccable.

A comfortable riding vehicle is something that is overlooked. We just expect our car or truck to provide us with quality handling and drivability. KYB shocks give the driver confidence when going around turns and driving on uneven roads. What keeps each vehicle on the ground is gravity and weight. This holds true for a completely flat service. When the car hits a bump or swerves, body roll is felt and the car can lean one way or another. The job of the KYB suspension component is to absorb any shock and to keep the vehicle from bouncing uncontrollably. The vehicle’s suspension reacts to every wheel and body movement, every bump and every corner. The shock needs to resist the body motion in order to provide stability. KYB shocks slow down and stabilize body movement.

A typical sing of a failed shock is the vehicle becomes bouncier. The car becomes uncontrollable and the driver will have a hard time trying to keep it stable. KYB shocks are a direct replacement for nearly any vehicle on the road. They are specific for each vehicle and will provide supreme handling and stability. As the vehicle gets older, the suspension components get older as well. They become worn and do no perform like new. When shocks become worn, they will affect other suspension components. The other suspension parts will need to compensate for the shock not being able to do its job. Parts like springs, support arms, bushings, and the wheel alignment will all suffer. Replacing the shocks at the right time can really extend the life of the vehicle. Failing shocks can cause increased nose dive, body roll, traction loss, tire cupping, swerving, bottoming-out, and ride harshness. Each of these conditions is negative for both the car and the driver.

For direct factory replacement, KYB GR-2 shocks are best under normal driving conditions. They perform just like factory struts and match the performance as well. KYB GR-2 shocks are perfect for moderate driving to handle some of the toughest roads. These shocks are anti-corrosive and will stand up to any road debris. KYB Gas-a-just shocks are factory replacements for users interested in monotube design. KYB Gas-a-just monotube shocks can handle more aggressive driving and provide greater stability than the KYB GR-2, which is a twin-tube shock. The twin-tube design is more common on vehicles from the factory, but some manufacturers make the monotube available as an upgrade.

Trucks and SUVs need stronger and more durable shocks than smaller cars. KYB MonoMax shocks are available for heavy duty trucks and SUVs who do some hauling, towing or plowing. Ride control, durability and performance are all felt when upgrading to KYB MonoMax shocks. They are available for lifted or lowered vehicles as well. For on-the-go adjustability, KYB AGX shocks are completely user-friendly. The damping rate can be changed on the KYB AGX shocks. They have an adjustment knob or slot at the top to allow for easy access. These shocks are for high performance vehicles and sport compact drivers. The handling is more firm and drivability is increased. The KYB AGX shock can be tuned to the users liking for how firm or soft they want the ride.

For complete shock and spring replacement, the KYB Strut-Plus system includes a KYB GR-2 shock and a KYB spring. This system comes in the box ready to install. The spring and shock have been matched together to deliver performance handling and drivability. The KYB Strut-Plus suspension system will enhance any worn factory suspension. The vehicle will be brought back to life as if it was just purchased from the dealership.

Some of today’s vehicles are equipped with air ride or electronically leveling suspensions. KYB self-leveling and electronic shocks are available for factory replacement. Factory replacement parts can be very expensive and do not last long. KYB shocks will perform just like factory and outlast them as well. KYB self-leveling shocks restore the vehicle’s ride height and improve stability.

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