Keep the Rally Going with a Ksport Handbrake Made Just for Your Ride

The hydraulic handbrake from Ksport is an exceptional upgrade from the factory handbrake and allows for better performance during drifting and rally racing. With all the stop-and-go involved with drifting, Ksport has designed their handbrake for a factory replacement to withstand the abuse. The factory cables are extremely weak and would snap within minutes if used in these types of driving. The Ksport hydraulic handbrake is designed to lock up the rear brakes when desired by the driver.

There are some modifications necessary when upgrading to the Ksport handbrake since more parts are involved and not just the cable. However, it is very worth it and much desired by extreme drifters and rally racers. Most professional drivers use this type of ebrake since it provides such versatility and is virtually impossible to break, unlike the factory cables. When the car wants immediate stopping even under extreme speeds, the Ksport component is there to do just that.

They are only to be used in off-road conditions as well since they are not street legal. This type of ebrake would warrant a ticket, which is why some enthusiasts still use the mechanical ebrake along with this Ksport one. By still utilizing the mechanical one, it makes the car street legal so the owner can commute to work and drive around town.

Appearance is also a huge factor when upgrading to aftermarket auto parts and Ksport does not disappoint. Their product is extremely appealing and comes in black and orange which is their trademark color.

Outstretched cables can also let your car loose on a hill if it is parked, so upgrading to this Ksport product would solve this issue. Eventually, all manual vehicles that constantly use their ebrake will suffer from stretched cables and this is always a possibility.

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