Keep the Heat at Bay In the Bay

Protecting components is how a GrimmSpeed heat shield operates. If you own a racing model with upgrades in the engine bay, maintaining a cool temperature is a priority. It is simple: When parts overheat they can become damaged. A GrimmSpeed heat shield is a strong line of defense that separates hot air from your performance parts before it becomes an issue. Your turbo, downpipe, and intercooler will all retain a consistent temp even during intense driving conditions. If you have geared up your car for the track or the street, a GrimmSpeed heat shield adds endurance when you need it most.

One of the most important traits of this modification is the material. The turbo heat shield is crafted from 304 stainless steel for two reasons. The first is consistency. It keeps the same properties as your turbo to stave off radiant heat. Secondly, turbo heat shields need to be durable. Stainless steel is known for both its strength and temp management. When surrounding parts become hot, the entire area will, also. This is how the turbo heat shield works. It not only keeps away excess hot air from the outside, it also stops exhaust heat from initiating a “hot box” effect, thanks in large part to its steel construction.

Unlike older turbo heat shields, GrimmSpeed stayed away from a cumbersome shape. Their offering showcases a concaved design that provides better coverage than the OEM cover but without adding a large amount of material. The shape of the Grimmspeed turbo cover makes it very easy to install. You will remove the bolts from the stock part and then pull it off. The Grimspeed turbo cover is then simply installed using both pipe bracket holes. It is recommended to be cautious during installation. As you fit the Grimspeed turbo cover on, be careful to avoid scratching it when sliding it in place.

If you have gone through the trouble of installing aftermarket exhaust pipes for extra performance, you want to protect your investment. A turbo pipe heat guard is an excellent way to ensure that overheating in the engine bay ceases to be a concern. Many pro racers and weekend car enthusiasts insist on installing one for better heat tolerance. However, exhaust downpipe heat covers are currently only available for LHD vehicles.

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