Keep the Cab Cool Thanks to Husky Sunshades

Husky Headache Racks provide shade from the sun

As soon as the warm months start to settle in, sunlight begins to make its presence felt. When it peeks in through the back of the cab it can become uncomfortable and over time, damaging to the interior. You’ve seen it yourself, haven’t you? The fading of the upholstery, the “too hot to sit down” seats, and cracked plastic. Husky sunshades go a long way towards cutting down on harmful UV rays and keeping your cab cool. Most people are familiar with cardboard shades that are placed over the dash in front of the windshield when parking a vehicle. These are a little different. Installed over the rear window of the cab and can be shuttered open or closed, the Husky shades are in place all the time. That means a cooler cabin, no fading, and hey, intact re-sale value.

If you have ever driven your truck during a heat wave or even just during normal summer temperatures, you have likely experienced what it feels like to have the sun beating in from the back window. It can become uncomfortable and distracting, especially if sunrays are reflecting off of the dash. Shading the cabin  eliminates sunlight from the rear so you can drive in peace. You can adjust to your preference. That’s because sunshades function similarly to home window shutters. They can be completely closed to block all sunlight from entering or you can keep them partially open allowing just a hint of illumination to peek through.

It isn’t just sunlight as you need protection against. Even while your truck is parked, over time too much sun will fade your interior upholstery. And once interior fabric fades, there is no turning back. It cannot be restored. When you close the shades, there’s no more exceeding UV rays beaming through. Windshield shades help with fuel efficiency, as well. Since rear window shades cut down on sunlight, it also means they help with keeping your cab cool. You won’t have to run the air conditioner as often, and because they are constructed of lightweight aluminum, they also won’t add any substantial weight to wear your truck down while on the road.

Of course, it isn’t just sunlight that rear window sunshades protect against, as the rear cab window of any pickup truck sees its share of dirt, dust, and debris. Trucks in general can be as vulnerable as cars, if not more so, when it comes to outside elements hitting the exterior. This is especially the case when traveling in a rocky or gravely area. Pebbles, sticks, and wet leaves constantly pound the windows, particularly in the back. Having some protection in the rear windows provides a seal against various types of debris that can cause cracks or scratches.

The material is designed to be extra sturdy. its aircraft-aluminum construction is extremely strong and capable of being pelted by small rocks and debris without denting or cracking. To prevent rust and corrosion, Husky car window shades are brightly dipped with an anodized finish. What an anodized finish means is that the material (aluminum) is treated to maintain the integrity of the surface and be resistant to moisture. Without aluminum being anodized, it can be susceptible to water damage and/or rust. Choosing a Husky headache rack means you will not have to ever worry about that happening. Husky backs it with a limited 1 year warranty, as well.

Installation is not difficult on most full-size pickup trucks. You will receive all necessary hardware along with detailed instructions to help you along. Once installed, you can mount fog lights or reflectors as long as they don’t interfere with the latch. Aside from the improved protection for your rear cab window, sun shades also bring about a nice, customized appearance thanks to the aluminum finish. All it takes is keeping them clean and your truck will show off a rugged yet sporty appearance that is more noticeable than before.

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