Invidia’s Is Not a “Middle of the Pack” Midpipe

Bypassing the catalytic converter with an Invidia automotive midpipe is a fast way to improve your car’s horsepower and endurance.

An Invidia automotive midpipe is designed to take the place of your car’s catalytic converter. Removal of the catalytic converter is not street-legal and will cause a residential automobile to fail inspection in most jurisdictions due to the increased emissions. That is why Invidia automotive midpipes are intended for regulated racing competitions or off-road use only.

Your car’s catalytic converter takes harmful gases and turns them into innocuous gas that gets passed through the muffler and exhaust. While this is an important process, it is also restrictive for performance cars because air is being restricted. With the air being restrained your engine cannot let loose with all of its horsepower potential. Acat exhaust middle pipe replaces the catalytic converter and allows air to be liberated throughout the exhaust, decreasing back pressure and ushering in more horsepower. With the catalytic converter removed, the replacement pipes are called cat delete pipes. Cat exhaust middle pipes promote a width that makes it easy for the air to travel through quickly and efficiently.

Cat exhaust middle pipes are a three-piece unit designed specifically for a small segment of performance cars. That means all included components are measured according to the OEM cat specs that are in place. You can use an Invidia mid pipe along with other aftermarket car exhaust components as long as the diameter of the tubing bolt placements match. Obviously, matching an Invidia mid pipe with other Invidia automotive exhaust parts would work best, but it will still do the job for those looking to mix and match.

Invidia mid pipes are crafted from SUS304 stainless steel using a mandrel-bent tubing procedure. Mandrel-bent tubing is a common practice for car exhaust pipes because the steel is able to be shaped and fortified for maximum durability plus a perfect fit. Since your Invidia car mid pipe is made for your exact make and model, installation should be no problem (for some models it is recommended to use extensions from the top of the motor to relieve bolts on the passenger side). If you need further assistance or want to locate a local auto shop, contact UltraRev anytime.

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