Invidia’s G200 Exhaust Setup Is Worth Checking Out

Performance tone and appearance are what make the Invidia G200 catback exhaust stand out. For drivers who own turbo-inspired models such as a Subaru WRX/STi, Forester XT, or Honda Civic Si, updating the automotive exhaust means attempting to improve on both horsepower efficiency and sound. They are looking for distinct results that the stock exhaust is not equipped for.

Invidia G200 catback exhausts are used by performance drivers who want a unique exhaust rumble along with an extra kick in HP. OEM exhausts employ slim pipes, usually comprised of aluminized steel. The narrower pipes hold back exhaust flow while the stock muffler spits out a dampened tone. An Invidia G200 catback exhaust is made of stainless steel with wide 3″ piping that allows exhaust to flow easier. The 5″ tipped muffler unleashes a nearly drone-free grumble that gets better as speed picks up. Invidia G200 catback exhausts come with a silencer if you prefer a quieter sound.

The turbo cat back can be expected to offer a slight boost in horsepower, but it helps more with overall exhaust efficiency. When your exhaust flow is liberated, the engine gets cleaner air more frequently. Although it’s aperformance catback system, installing it will not increase horsepower by more than by a couple of points, at most. But when you use parts like downpipes and test pipes in addition to a G200 exhaust system you can expect a noticeable climb in horsepower. By itself, the G200 exhaust system is geared more towards emitting a menacing exhaust note and displaying racing style.

You can bolt on your G200 exhaust system to the stock downpipe with assistance from an OEM donut gasket (recommended). If you have an older model, it is suggested to replace all of the old gaskets with new ones as you install the Invidia catback.

For installation, Invidia catbacks come with necessary hardware and instructions. Be sure to have adequate space or access to a lift. If you would like to have your Invidia catback professionally installed and do not know of a local shop, contact UltraRev for further assistance.

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