Invidia Specializes In Custom Exhausts That Do The Job Right

If you own a sports compact or performance sedan, an Invidia exhaust system could very likely be what is standing between you and the checkered flag. Invidia serves drivers of cars such as the Subaru Impreza WRX/STi, Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z, Ford Mustang, Subaru Forester XT, Infiniti G35, and more. In these models lies a hefty amount of performance potential that cannot be reached with the stock exhaust parts. Invidia exhaust systems aim to replace the OEM setup with expert design and fat mandrel-bent stainless steel pipes. The benefits drivers receive are instantaneous and lasting. More punch on the highway, quicker throttle action, and of course, an unmistakably hungry exhaust tone that turns some heads.

To gain that edge your car needs, knocking out the stock exhaust is the first step. Invidia exhaust systems swoop in and churn up performance your factory configuration is not capable of. To gain greater horsepower and torque, you have to pinpoint where the issue is. The OEM exhaust holds your car back. The efficacy of the original setup is also what is keeping your car from powering up. Exhaust flow is being choked back due to narrow pipes, too many bends, and a subpar muffler. When exhaust gases cannot move through the system liberally the engine becomes strained.

Invidia exhaust systems boast 304-grade stainless steel pipes with wider diameters that allow exhaust to move without restriction, allowing your engine to get that breath of air it needs to get its pistons angry. An Invidia exhaust system makes a big difference quickly. Itching for evened-out performance that will not break the bank? The N1 catback exhaust delivers results you will be proud of. Need to turn it up even more with an elite setup? Gemini dual exhaust cat backs raise the bar for every ride, throwing out HP gains that leave others in the dust. Invidia makes it happen thanks to their commitment to quality construction and creativity. Each pipe is mandrel-bent for accurate bends and a factory-perfect fit that makes installation headache-free. The flanges on each pipe are laid on thick and CNC-machined for extra snugness and to prevent cracking.

The goal of unlocking a jump in performance gets accomplished once an Invidia exhaust system is installed. Turbo spools quicker and throttle response is faster. According to most dyno tests, you can expect a pure increase of approximately 10 HP with each version of an Invidia exhaust system (depending on year, make, and model). This number may vary, but you will certainly observe a lift in performance as the RPMs jump.

That deep, custom growl you have been waiting for is evident once an Invidia custom exhaust is bolted in place. You will not have to worry about alerting the authorities, either, as each Invidia exhaust system (N1, Q300, Gemini, and the G200) fall within the 95dB range observed in most jurisdictions. There is a sporty rumble that builds after you turn the key that grows after you throw your car in gear. It is an attention-grabbing sound drivers love to have.

In addition to custom exhausts, Invidia also offers other pipes and components that raise your car’s performance even higher. Knocking out the original exhaust and replacing it with an Invidia system will reap long-lasting benefits on the track, but supplementing that system with even more power will take your car to a different level. Stainless steel downpipes and catted test pipes are available, which aid in performance by liberating exhaust flow even further. That is because down pipes, X pipes, and test pipes take over for the catalytic converter. The stock cat’s job is to shuffle out harmful exhaust gases, performing as a kind of filter. But this process constricts exhaust gases from being able to exit easily. With a catted or catless test pipe, exhaust is opened up even more than it was before, adding a couple more horses to your vehicle’s profile.

Invidia is a company that specializes in producing exhaust systems and parts for racing-inspired models. There are few aftermarket brands that concentrate on this segment of cars with superior performance being the ultimate goal. Invidia studies the cars and they study the racing industry, so they know what kind of results drivers are looking for. You can trust Invidia for high quality parts that deliver high speed results. Click on the Shop Now button to find out what is available for your car today.

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