Introducing Q300 Exhausts Bring Gains and Noise

The goal of an Invidia Q300 cat back exhaust system is to provide higher speeds and greater aerodynamic performance. There are some exhaust systems that are developed for specific types of vehicles due to engine size and class. Invidia Q300 cat back exhaust systems are intended for sport compacts and hatchbacks because this segment of vehicle is known for racing. More horsepower, torque, and improved back pressure are the main benefits Q300 exhausts provide.

Q300 exhausts are cat back, which means that they install near the catalytic converter and end in the back of the car. However, the new Invidia Q300 cat back exhaust differs from other systems in its components. Rather than using aluminum, this is a stainless steel exhaust. Invidia constructs Q300 exhausts out of SUS304 stainless steel. The piping is mandrel bent, which means it won’t kink in the corners or crimp due to pressure. They are then welded using TIG robotic controls and the flanges are constructed using CNC (computer numeric controlled) machining. There are two different types of tips for Q300 exhausts: Polished steel or titanium. All of the exhaust components are manufactured for maximum durability.

Racers or performance car owners upgrade to racing exhaust systems because they want to go faster. Horsepower increases in a car installed with a performance exhaust system because its job is to free up air that becomes restricted due to the OEM pipes, which are usually narrower and made of aluminum. Once this air is free and exhaust gases have an escape route, the engine gets an influx of oxygen. When an engine breathes better, there is a reduction in back pressure and performance increases. This process also aids in an improvement to overall gas mileage since the engine isn’t as strained.

Of course, what many drivers love about an Invidia exhaust system is the sound. There is a specially-sized resonator included with an Invidia exhaust system that delivers a smooth yet deep and aggressive racing tone. What makes the resonator important is that it manages the sound. In certain state jurisdictions, there is a certain decibel level that has to be maintained for cars on the road (95 dB in California) and many aftermarket exhausts are over the limit and illegal. With an Invidia exhaust system you are free to hit the streets showing off your ride’s improved performance and style.

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