Interior Defense Is Easy With Cargo Logic Liners

Protecting items in the back can be a hassle. Guarding against messes and protecting the surface of the trunk is imperative. Cargo logic liners take a lot of the pressure off. Instead of being concerned with slipping and shifting you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is taken care of. Cargo logic liners use a combination of high quality material and an improved, functional design that gives SUV drivers an easier time traveling.

The main issue drivers have to contend with is ruining the trunk surface. This happens for a variety of reasons but it is usually due to heavy and/or sharp objects scratching while moving around. Cargo logic liners enact a protective layer over the OEM carpet, providing two services at once: keeping items stationary and ensuring your factory carpet stays in good condition.

There are many different examples of items that do damage. Aluminum toolboxes, loose tools, and bicycles are among the most common. Lund cargo logic comes in handy for SUV owners who keep an active lifestyle. Whether it is for everyday tasks at the jobsite or trips to the beach, an added line of defense in the cargo area can go a long way towards preserving your vehicle’s health. Installing Lund cargo logic can be an important step to take.

A patented poly-ware thermoplastic material is the first trait that you may notice. It is a compound substance developed by Lund that is unique to these rear SUV liners. This material has several advantages. First, it makes Lund cargo logic nearly tear-proof. It is extra tough and not vulnerable to heavy items. Secondly, the rear SUV liners can handle spills, pets, and moisture much easier than the factory carpet. This allows you to travel with the dogs on vacation and let them roam around the park without worrying about the carpet being ruined. And finally, they are easy to clean. Lund cargo logic can be rinsed off and put back just as quickly.

A raised lip around the perimeter is another highlight. It is implemented to contain any kind of spills in place so the liquid does not run off of the trunk floor liner and onto the carpet.

This product is manufactured and cut for specific measurements. If the rear SUV liner is purchased for a vehicle it was not intended for the fitment may be incorrect.

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