Interested In a New Air Filter? K&N Is the Way To Go

Achieving the accomplishment of being at the top of an industry is a main goal for companies. K&N has managed to take over the industry of filters. Their products include automotive air filters, motorcycle air filters, engine oil filters and boat filters. They have made it to the top by constructing filters of the highest quality and offer some of the best support around.

Engines must breath, and breathe well. No matter what type of engine it is, filtering the outside elements is crucial for optimal output. The air intake’s filter allows for clean air to be passed through and catches all contaminates that might hurt the engine. K&N filters are well known throughout the world for providing some of the best air filters. Their engine filters are available for automotive, small engines, crankcase vent filters, heavy duty and diesel filters, and marine air filters. With such a large selection, one can surely find what they are looking for. K&N filter has designed their products to offer better filtration than factory, increased horsepower, washable and reusable, and long service intervals. All qualities hold true for each and every one of their products. K&N filtersare also the original performance filter for NASCAR.

Automotive air filters can sometimes be overlooked. Providing your engine with the best possible air is crucial to its performance. When thinking automotive air filters, K&N is the one company that stands out. They have been in the business for years upon years and have one of the best reputations around today. K&N automotive filtersare used on every high performance engine on the market. Other air filters do not provide the service and quality that K&N offers. Most other filters on the market are not reusable. This means that the engine’s air filter must be replaced. This can be costly between price of the product and time to install it. K&N also offers automotive air intake systems. These systems replace the factory air box and add more horsepower to the vehicle.

Not only did K&N perfect their automotive air filters, but their oil filters are second to none as well. Automotive engine oil filters keep contaminants out of the engine. Their automotive engine oil filters are designed to increase the flow and offer better horsepower. They are constructed of all heavy duty parts to sustain all types of driving. Not only do K&N filters work with conventional engine oil, but they also work with synthetic and blended motor oils. Not many companies offer this type of variety. K&N oil filters are superior to most other companies because they have proven their products.

If boating is your main focus, K&N offers some of the best air filters and flame arrestors on the market. Their engine filters provide the captain with a peace of mind and are marine approved. K&N marine filters are designed with oiled cotton gauze and an epoxied screen filter element. This design is unique to air filters on the market today. Although there is no dirt or dust on the water, the boat’s engine still sucks in air to perform. Using a K&N air filterwill provide for the best performance with an increase in horsepower.

K&N manufactures their filters using the best possible products. Other filters are produced using paper. Paper air filters are inferior to K&N because paper is more restrictive. Typical foam filters are also inferior to K&N air filters because the outside of the filter becomes littered with dirt and dust. The more dirt and dust there is on the air filter, the harder it is for air to pass through. This makes the engine work harder and not perform as well. K&N filters are crafted of oiled cotton fabric. When the air filter picks up dust and dirt, the particles stick to the cotton and become part of the filtration. There are no holes in the cotton for the dirt to sink into. This allows for the best possible performance. Stop throwing away used and dirty filters. K&N air filters are 100 percent washable and reusable. This saves tons of money on wasted air filters. Using a K&N automotive filter will allow for less maintenance as well. A typical K&N air filter does not need servicing until about 50,000 miles. All K&N filter products are also equipped with a lifetime warranty.

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