Installing Rally Armor Mud Flaps Is Simple (Even for Beginners!)

Once you have purchased Rally Armor mud flaps it is time for installation. This procedure may vary, mostly because the mounting holes in many models are placed differently. Overall, it is not difficult. Installing Rally Armor usually requires nothing more than a screwdriver and a little automotive know-how. Some drivers are detail-oriented. It depends on how you approach your car when it comes to installing Rally Armor. If you are going more for looks than defense, the concentration may be more on placement than mounting integrity.

To get started with your mud flap installation the first order of business is to understand what type you have. There are universal, Classic, UR series, and Basics. And not all Rally Armor mud flaps are created equal. UR series, classics, and basics have pre-drilled holes and come with mounting hardware (for most models). This makes installing Rally Armor much easier.

Assemble the clips, anchors, screws and washers. Sometimes, it can be tough to get to the inside hole of the rear wheel wells. Taking off the rear tires makes screwing in the Rally Armor mud flaps much easier because it creates more room. However, if there is enough clearance you can simply turn the wheels all the way right. Using a stubby screwdriver is a good idea. Fitting on the rear RA custom splash guards is the most time-consuming portion.

The fronts are much easier. There is ample clearance in most cars, even for lowered vehicles. Once again, using a short screwdriver comes in handy for this area. As long as the RA custom splash guards have the pre-installed holes, fitting in the screws and clips is quick. This is where customization really helps. When your RA custom splash guards already have the holes, installation takes only about an hour.

Drilling applications can be slightly more challenging. Since universal mud flaps fit a variety of cars, lining up where the holes go is important. If your car is equipped with OEM guards, the easiest thing to do is to take them off and place on top of your new set. Use a pencil to mark the drilling locations. After that, you are all set. Just be sure to have the proper screws for mounting the RA custom splash guards. If your kit did not come any you can use the OEM hardware.

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