Installing Caliper Covers? It’s a Breeze

The process of caliper cover installation is not lengthy. However, it is important you have the tools you need, ample space, and of course, the caliper guards. Before installation begins set aside some time to clean your wheels and dust off the brake area. While not necessary, cleaning the rims beforehand will help the MGP caliper covers stand out more. You can wipe the area down with a damp cloth. Just be sure the brake discs and calipers are dry once you are ready to proceed with the caliper cover installation.

You should have a floor jack, impact wrench (or lug wrench), a torque wrench, and 3/8″ wrench. Included with each set of MGP caliper covers is a 0.13mm paper feeler gauge. You will want to park on an even surface and then set up your floor jack as per OEM specifications. Note: You must use the jack to install your MGP caliper covers. Simply popping off a rim is not recommended. Some drivers have attempted to put their MGP brake caliper shields on by removing a rim from the ground only to learn they cannot effectively manipulate a wrench in the limited clearance available inside the wheel.

Once you have a wheel removed, place a cover on top of the caliper and slide the mounting clip in place. While doing this, be sure to keep your MGP caliper cover centered and snug. Then just slide the top of the mounting clip under the lock nut. The bottom of the mounting clip fits between the caliper and the brake rotor. You will do this to both sides of the MGP brake caliper shield. As long as it is centered, you are ready to lock it in place. Simply take the 3/8″ wrench and tighten. Do not overdo it – use your fingers to get it as tight as possible and then use the wrench one half turn after that.

The last step is using the paper feeler gauge to confirm proper clearance between the MGP brake caliper shield and the fastening clip. The gauge should be able to move in and out of the area unobstructed. If it can, then you are finished with this wheel and able to move onto the next one. Total installation time for all four wheels is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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