Installing an Alta Boost Tube Is Easy and Worthwhile

Putting in an Alta boost tube is a fast way to add some undercover performance that was previously being held back. In a stock Mini there is a rubberized muffler that is intended to dampen some of the sound coming from the boost. For performance drivers, this hindrance is unnecessary. Alta boost tubes are designed to take away the disruptive muffler and instead, offer smooth, tech-advanced tubing that does away with airflow turbulence while adding some custom flavor. You will notice not only a more pronounced note when hitting the pedal, but also a little extra HP. Alta boost tubes are made for 2007-13 Mini Cooper models.

The success behind this part lies in the material. The Mini Cooper boost tube is manufactured from 5-ply silicone. Within the automotive industry, 5-ply silicone is used in some aftermarket exhaust applications due to its strength and smooth surface. The smoothness of the surface is what helps the Mini Cooper boost tube usher exhaust airflow out so easily. It is also a material that will not succumb to the environment. Mini Cooper boost tubes are specifically designed to handle intense exhaust heat and perform at the highest level. This comes in handy for Mini owners who take their rides out on the track.

Another factor is the wide diameter of the Mini Cooper boost tube. When it comes to airflow, the more space inside of tubing, the better. Alta turbo tubes have a diameter that measures in at 1.75” at the inlet and 2.25” at the outlet. Its internal diameter maintains at 2.25”. The consistent width in the Alta turbo tube helps keep air moving inside the tapered sections. On the contrary, the OEM tubing crimps in, bottling up exhaust. Since you are freeing up this restriction, you will see a tick upwards in performance. Alta turbo tubes can offer as much as 10 extra HP and 10 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Installation can be tricky if you are not experienced with this area of your car. You will have to remove OEM hoses before fitting in the Mini turbo boost tube. It is recommended to have an 8mm socket and an awl to make it easier. Perrin high flow tubes come with the part itself and size 36 hose clamps.

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