Install Some TechLiner For a Step Up in Interior Defense

Both light and heavy duty trucks are used for extreme conditions and transport heavy items. The truck bed can handle anything the owner throws at it, but will also become damaged overtime. The Weathertech Techliner is a truck bed liner and tailgate liner that provides superior protection from damaging the sheet metal. It will preserve your pick-up truck bed from scratches, dents, dings, paint damage and rust. The Weathertech bed liner also prevents your cargo from shifting due to its soft material.

The tail gate liner and bed liner are also very easy to install. They utilize Velcro discs and product-specific fastening devices that allow the Techliner bed liner to be installed within minutes. It comes black in color and will not fade from the sun, and also prevents any cracking or breaking due to its thermoplastic material. The Weathertech tailgate liner is perfect all year round and it can also be easily removed for certain situations if needed.

This is not a spray on liner like some others offer. This is a vehicle-specific truck bed protection liner that looks great when installed and you do not have to fuss around with paint cans or fumes. For those of you that are eco-friendly, the Techliner bed liner is 100% recyclable and free of any odors.

Chipped paint and rust often ruin the inside of truck beds. The Weathertech bed liner will protect your investment and maintain the truck’s resale value. There is nothing worse than to offer a truck for sale with years’ worth of paint damage and rust.

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