Install a Perrin Radiator Hose for Silicone Tubing That Lasts Longer

Several attributes make a Perrin radiator hose a worthy upgrade for your car. The factory rubber tubing is intended for standard driving conditions. Rubber is far too susceptible to damage. It is vulnerable to heat, cracks, and absorbs moisture. Perrin radiator hoses are intended for drivers who require extra strength and extreme dissipation of heat. The biggest difference has to do with the material. Instead of the rubber the factory uses, Perrin radiator hoses are made of silicone to stand up to the temps your modded Subaru is accustomed to.

If you have made multiple changes to your car for racing purposes you cannot expect the OEM hosing to hold up. Temperatures in the engine bay reach dangerous levels for the rubber. This leads to microfractures, which in turn leads to cracks, and then leaks. WRX silicone radiator hoses are engineered to deal with the tumultuous atmosphere inside a racing engine bay. The material will not stretch or crack due to high heat. WRX silicone radiator hoses are better equipped to handle extreme heat without it becoming an issue.

The inside of the tubing matters. WRX silicone radiator hoses allow coolant to travel on the surface at a consistent rate. There is no absorption into the material. With rubber, even if there are no holes leaks can happen if the tubing wears down and the liquid soaks in. WRX silicone radiator hoses are too strong and thick for that to occur.

This is important for cold weather, as well. In extremely cold climates Impreza coolant hoses will not harden. They will continue to distribute fluid without shrinking in diameter. Installing an Impreza coolant hose helps the radiator work quicker after startup. Since response is faster, there is no lag. The key thing to consider with an Impreza coolant hose is durability. Perrin engineers them to last long. They offer a performance improved reliability through both exceptionally hot and cold temperature changes.

Another bright spot is their color. These aftermarket radiator hoses come in glossy red and black finishes with the Perrin logo printed on. They add a nice compliment to your engine compartment either just for fun or for display at local auto shows. Installation is also simple. Just switch out the OEM tube and put the Perrin silicone radiator hose right in its place.

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