Install a Cup Kit That Brings the Best of Both Worlds

For the ultimate in both street and track performance, the H&R cup kits are a unique suspension setup that combines both a spring and a shock matched together. H&R uses a specially designed shock that has been tested and paired with a specific spring to give the best suspension setup possible. H&R designs two different styles and each one gives the vehicle a lower stance as well.

H&R takes the guessing out of the equation for you with this suspension system. It can be very difficult to pair a shock with a spring since there are different rates at which each performs at. A soft shock with a strong spring would be very rough on the driver and vice versa. H&R designs their cup kit in two versions, H&R touring and H&R sport.

The H&R touring offers supreme drivability with a one and a half inch drop which will reduce your vehicle’s body roll and keep things tight. The H&R sport kit lowers the vehicle by nearly two inches and gives it a much more aggressive look. These are not adjustable and designed to give the specified ride height for your vehicle. H&R cup kits are the best alternative to installing just springs on your car.

Both these products from H&R will give your vehicle an enhanced appearance by being lower to the ground and be able to handle your driving needs. As the driver, you want something soft, yet firm to handle fast turns and uneven roads. Do not take the risk of pairing springs and shocks from different manufacturers because it will end up being a very uncomfortable ride. H&R components will benefit your vehicle from now until you decide to sell it.

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