Increase Intake Effectiveness the AEM Way

Aftermarket automotive companies like AEM have been around since the beginning of the tuner market. AEM has managed to climb their way to the top by providing some of the best products including air intakes. AEM air intakes have taken performance intakes to a whole new level.

Designing and mass producing aftermarket automotive parts requires countless hours of testing. AEM has been filling the aftermarket industry with quality parts since the early 1990s. AEM air intake systems are available for nearly every car and truck found on the road today. Design and quality is what keeps them at the top of their industry. An AEM automotive air intake system isn’t just a tube with a filter on the end. Constructing an aftermarket intake takes intricate levels of expertise and top-notch testing equipment. When the manufacturer creates a product, we as the consumer want to know how well it works on a specific vehicle. We would like to know performance gains and benefits from installing their aftermarket part. AEM has taken all of the guessing out of the game for us.

When AEM air intakes are released, the company provides horsepower gains, installation instructions and required mounting hardware. When the air intake system arrives at the house, everything is in the box that is needed for installation. This creates a hassle free install and reduces any problems the owner may have. AEM air intake systems are created from aluminum to withstand any high temperatures that may occur in the engine bay. All of their air intakes come with a dryflow synthetic filter. These filters do not require oil making reducing maintenance time. To help clean the filter, they offer a filter cleaning product that makes cleaning a breeze. AEM automotive intakes can be had in two colors including silver and dark grey. Choose the one that matches your engine!

Along with quality and performance, AEM engine air intakes also come with a lifetime warranty. If any problems occur like cracking or splitting, AEM will replace the intake for free. These intake systems will also not void your car’s factory warranty. All of AEM air intake products are 100 percent street legal.

Cold air intake, short ram intake, brute force intake, dual chamber intake and hybrid intake are a group of systems that AEM has available. The cold air intake by AEM is designed for maximum horsepower increase and cool air intake. AEM car intakes have designed their intake tubing with just the right size and length to optimize air flow. A cold air intake too long will not allow for quick air flow. AEM’s short ram air intake systems have been produce to provide quality performance with easy installation. Certain car engines perform better with a shorter intake tube. AEM has tested and proven this. They have also placed the filter on the intake in a location that prevents heat soak from the high temperatures around the engine. Other companies will just slap on a filter to the end of a tube and call it a day. These types of companies are the ones to avoid.

High performance engines require a bit more than just an average intake tube with a filter on the end. AEM brute force air intakes are for those high horsepower engines. This intake has been designed for muscle cars, trucks and SUVs. The brute force air intake system combines a solid constructed tube with a steel coated heat shield to prevent high temperatures from the engine decreasing performance. This system also used AEM’s dryflow filter.

Engine swaps are common among the car enthusiast community. When swapping an engine, parts need to be modified and fabricated to allow for proper fitment. AEM air intakes have made this task much simpler by producing hybrid automotive intakes. These engine components are for specific vehicles that have a different engine in them. The intake is made for a specific engine, but also fits in the engine bay. The factory intake on the engine will not fit in the car it is being swapped into. Previous to this design, enthusiasts would chop up an intake and rig it up to make it fit. Not only did it not look right, but the performance gains were minimal. AEM automotive intakes have been designed to properly fit and produce great performance gains.

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