If Your Ride Goes Faster, You Need Brakes That Can Keep Up With It

Adding performance parts that make your car go faster means that you are going to need stronger brakes to stop the vehicle quicker. Ksport big brake kits include larger caliper and rotors that can handle the extra power you have added without failing under extreme conditions. Ksport designs them from aircraft quality aluminum so they will never warp or crack from extreme heat.

This kit from Ksport is also extremely light and will not slow down your vehicle by any means. The more stop – and – go that your vehicle does, the more the factory rotor heats up and has the chance of cracking. Ksport rotors are heat treated so nothing like this does happen and it remains free of brake fade. Brake fade will limit the potential of any vehicle and could even cause a serious accident. Ksport designs their big brake kits vehicle-specific and make a perfect fit each time.

Users also have a choice of brake caliper color which will accent the vehicle and look extremely appealing especially behind aftermarket wheels. Ksport rotors are available in both slotted and drilled which cater to the type of driving that you do. If you do daily driving, drilled rotors are better than slotted rotors. These styles of rotors expel gases and keep the rotor cool so it does not overheat and inhibit performance.

Ksport also includes stainless steel braided brake lines and metallic race pads to increase stopping power even more. Their products are far superior to that of OEM which is needed for high powered engines. However, these Ksport race pads are recommended for high performance racing and not street driving since they only perform in a high temperature range.

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