Husky’s Aluminum Accessories Cover All the Bases

Their aluminum truck accessories are extremely durable along with enhancing your truck’s appearance. Each product from Husky Liners is made from aircraft grade aluminum that can withstand all types of weather conditions. Husky Liners produces their aluminum accessories in replacement tailgates, fifth wheel tailgates and conracks. Each one is designed to protect your truck in one way or another.

Factory parts are often not strong enough to handle jobs that pickup trucks need to do. Most trucks are used for work purpose like construction and other dirty deeds. Husky truck accessories are custom-fit and will most likely out last your vehicle. Their aluminum tailgates are a full-replacement for your current one which adds extra strength and allows you to fit other types of items like long pieces of wood or pipes. They also shave some weight off the truck so you might see an increase in gas mileage.

The Husky conrack is designed to protect your truck’s rear window from damages which can cost a lot of money. It also acts as a sunshade to protect your interior from fading and becoming too hot. The conrack mounts easily to your pickup bed and looks great as well. Their aluminum truck accessories have a special coating on them which is environmentally friendly and will not rust even from mild scratches.

For those of you that like to tow, the Husky Liners fifth wheel tailgate is a perfect solution. This tailgate is notched at the top so the trailer mounts easily and you can still keep the tailgate closed. If you were to use your factory tailgate, it would have to be open in order to mount the trailer. Husky Liners makes the task very easy and allows you to store equipment in the truck bed.

When you use Husky Liners aluminum accessories for your truck, you can bet that you are using quality components that will last extremely long. Husky truck accessories allow you to keep your truck damage free while adding to its appearance at the same time.

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