Husky SUV Floor Liners

Husky SUV liners

Husky X-Act floor liners fit both SUVs and trucks.

Husky makes molded SUV liners that deliver a higher level of protection than standard floor mats. There are a few notable differences between floor mats and molded SUV liners in how they fit, amount of coverage both present and how they are constructed. The biggest difference from the start is that molded SUV liners are made specifically just for sport utility vehicles and are custom-designed to fit exactly according to year, make, and model.

Regular floor mats are made to fit an assigned area on your SUV’s floor, even in the cargo area. Usually, these places include the driver’s side floor up to the pedals, the passenger’s front floor under the glove compartment, and the immediate footrest areas of the rear and/or third row seats. They provide what is referred to as a uniform fitment, which means they fit the same everywhere. Husky Liners SUV liners are different. Instead of fitting the same way in every vehicle, these mats are designed to fit according to a specific model’s dimensions. They also fit a much larger area than factory mats and with more snugness.

Husky designs these liners to fit in places OEM mats do not. Instead of just occupying a small square of space on your interior floor, Husky SUV liners are manufactured to provide a covering for a high percentage of the OEM carpet. This includes unusual locations such as right up against the doorsills on both sides of the vehicle, to the walls of the feet-wells, and even underneath the seats themselves (in most models). With molded  mats, there are fewer gaps where the carpet is exposed. If you have children, dogs, or travel with cargo, being able to cover as much of the floor as you can is always a good idea and going in this direction makes it easy to do that.

The materials Husky use for their molded SUV mats is exclusive to the company, so you cannot find it in another brand of custom SUV liners. It is a rubberized thermoplastic compound that is developed both for strength and surface protection. The surface of their floor liners is non-stick to prevent mud or other substances from staining. Plus, it also makes it easy to rinse them right when they need to be cleaned.

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