Husky Makes Quad Caps? Yes, and the Quality Is Outstanding

Husky Quad Caps

Husky Quad Caps are truck bed rail caps that protect against damage from things like tools or equipment. The caps have a two-piece design, and when installed, the seam is hidden by its unique design for a factory look. Husky Quad Caps are thinker and stronger than other bed rail caps. They also come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking or breaking, and are easily installed using the pre-applied 3M foam tape. Available in black, Husky Quad Caps keep your truck protected while looking great.

Category – Automotive exterior/Exterior protection
Fitment – Truck
Material – Highly durable thermoplastics automotive protection
Color – Black

* Protects your pickup truck bed from damage
* Truck specific
* Lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking
* Finished with a rugged tread pattern
* Two-piece design
* Removable stake covers
* Mounts using 3M adhesive pre-applied
* Thicker and stronger than other bed rail caps
* Factory-matched look
* Designed and engineered in the USA

Installation detail
Husky Quad Caps install using pre-applied 3M foam tape. The bed rail surface should be cleaned with alcohol before applying the cap to ensure optimal contact. Once installed, the quad caps will never pop off.

Care and maintenance
Husky Quad Caps heavy duty construction makes them maintenance free and can be cleaned just like any other part of the truck. The color will never fade from the sun and will last forever.

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