Husky Heavy Duty Mats

Our lifestyles dictate what our needs are, especially with our automobiles. Heavy duty car mats are the best choice for motorists who require a little extra. Some drivers need reinforced protection inside their vehicles due to where they live, what their job is, or because they have young kids who like to make a mess. Luckily, heavy duty floor mats are manufactured just for these instances. That’s because they are comprised of a special rubberized material the company developed on its own. This rubberized compound is designed to stay dry without being absorbent. If they come in contact with water or another liquid, while they will still get wet they won’t take on the substance inside the material.

Husky's heavy duty floor mats

Do these look flimsy to you?

If you notice how generic rubber floor mats behave, you will see that when there is a spill or some kind of liquid ends up on them that they don’t handle it very well. Sure, there is an added layer on top of your car’s carpet, but the mats themselves take a beating. In fact, many times once regular  mats endure one or two spills, they are never the same again. They may even crack or curl up on the sides. This shouldn’t happen, not when you’re purchasing at a premium price. With Husky heavy duty floor mats,  staying put isn’t a concern. That makes a big difference because you’ll never have to worry about them interrupting your feet while driving.

Also, many types of OEM mats don’t protect well against imprints. This is usually because they are too thin or the rubber is too soft. Heavy duty car mats aren’t don’t perform this way. They are designed specifically to handle a heavy toolbox or the odd-shaped piece of furniture resting on them. That is one of the best qualities about Husky’s mats. They can endure very heavy objects without leaving indents on the carpet rug. No mess, no loose footing, no fossilized imprints that drag you down. Just some nice, dependable security.

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