Husky and Trucks Just Seem to Go Together

Trucks can always benefit from interior and exterior protection since they are always used in tough situations where a car would never make it. Husky Liners truck accessories will protect the paint as well as other areas of your truck so you can keep it looking nice. Your heavy duty pickup can benefit from their custom mud flaps, quad caps, gearbox and custom tailgates. Not only will they provide protection, but they also enhance your truck’s appearance.

Quad caps are designed to protect the top of your tailgate from damage. This area of the truck is easily banged up from throwing things in and out of the bed and not really caring too much what happens. When your paint starts to chip, the truck bed will not look very appealing and rust will start. Husky quad caps are designed to protect this portion of the bed while looking great doing it. They are designed in black and specific to your year, make and model to make a perfect fit.

Their custom mud guards add aesthetics and paint protection to your truck and they last forever as well. Mud guards play an important role in keeping mud and debris from making a mess of your vehicle in areas like the fenders and sides of the truck bed. Unlike other mud guards, Husky Liners extend the full length of the tire to keep your vehicle clean and prevent flying debris. They are extremely easy to install since all hardware is included. This is one of those truck accessories that are needed by anyone who wants to add appearance and protection.

Husky Liners tailgates make an exact replacement for your current tailgate. They are made from aluminum and are stronger than your factory tailgate, not to mention how well they look when installed. Husky uses aircraft grade aluminum for the entire design which can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. This is a great solution for contractors and work trucks that need something heavy duty.

Aftermarket truck accessories are used by nearly every pickup truck whether it is for looks, protection or both. Husky Liners truck accessories combine both look and protection to make your vehicle stand out and keep the outside looking brand new.

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